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2wavy rob x ssogbabyy – living lavish lyrics


[hook: ssogbabyy]
im livin lavish, b-tch i den turnt to a savage
b-tch i been runnin my bad b-tch
these n-ggas mad bicth, cause i been runnin my bad b-tch
why these n-ggas so mad b-tch?
i been getting money said f-ck all the fame
they call me curry cause i never miss
30 on me i keep me a stick
look at my diamonds they blazin lil b-tch

[verse 1: ssogbabyy]
that n-gga mad cause i f-cked his b-tch
we in the jungle wit apes and gorillas
my n-ggas shootas yea they is some k!llas
rip nard, yea that is my n-gga
they took my n-gga he locked in that box
long live k!lla but you posted on the block (1st block)
gotta keep a roll and keep runnin knot
axe is my n-gga and you see how we flexin
psmg thats for life won’t change
a n-gga diss me and i come wit the thang
30 on me iḿ really gone bang
these n-gga be faking they not really gang
i keep a pole and these n-ggas be stains
when i’m on the bean you know that i’m lit
these n-ggas be talking they not really wit it
my n-ggas they wit it we stay wit the sticks

[verse 2: 2wavy rob]
yea my name is rj and these hoes i like to dodge
no you cannot get no play i’m out here wit the squad
wit the squad, wit the squad you must wanna f-ckin die
you f-ck wit bruh, you f-ck wit me, that’s yo motherf-ckin life
and you know we in the field and you kn we toatin pipe
if a n-gga talkin crazy he gone have to die tonight
and i do it for the fam and i do it for the bands
if you ain’t about no money i cannot shake yo hand
they prayin that i fail they dont wanna see me winnin
f-cking on yo b-tch man i had yo girl spinnin
just like a chip i’m smashin den i’m dippen
feelin like bron f-ck jordan and pippen
know i’m from the land so you kn im countin digits
really out the mud wasn’t born into no riches
got a couple n-ggas who ain’t feelin what i’m spitten
and if you ain’t feelin it n-gga don’t listen
you kn i’m from the ave thats where i be jiggen
me and my n-ggas we ain’t in no compet-tion
ej, ant, kil, zae and shonte please listen
we gone make it out we won’t have to use a kitchen
know them n-ggas blood we been counted out forever
but when we make it out best believe we goin together
birds of a feather so we gotta flock together
yea them n-ggas blood they stayed down through the weather

[hook] x2