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2waydre – no relations lyrics


hook: i po da act wit slush

leanin i leave it l-st

demons dey can’t fw us

money it come off da truck

act wit slush it da mix

2way , im beatin da guts

we fckin we leave it l-st
catch in the room ima buss
i get da money da safe

im breakin da bank in da bay

i fcked now da hoe wanna stay

no relations hoe get out my face

i get da money i spend it

no relations so hoes kno im pimpin

no dese lil hoes dont want no prolem
makin dis cash i swea i ain stoppin

i get in da boof and i act a fool

plus im grippin ona big tool

all of dese n-gg-s want prolems

2way i swea i ain stoppin

catch you slippin issa prolem

snapchat poppin issa prolem

claim its no beef but i swea its prolems

meet up lil n-gg- n i swea we’ll stop it

all of dis money , i keep on countin

had a million dollar dream

my mama gone b rich

buy some foreigns fa my click

ridin out to my sh-t , 2way gon b rich

still no relationship bih

still no relationship bih

still no relationship bih

i get da money in 2ways

from da licks and block way

i get da money and flip it away

dey askin dese questions

dey dont needa stay

2way im spazzin so get out my way

all of dis money im breakin da bank

dey askin for features , no get out my way

dese hoes dey b beggin , hoe get out my way