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2xd jeremy – bruh chill lyrics


yeahh, bruh chill
yeah, bruh chill
[?], bruh chill
yeah, bruh chill
yeah, bruh chill
hold on jeremy right quick

[verse 1]
aye, that n-gga a b-tch, i f-ck on his b-tch
that n-gga a hoe, that n-gga a snitch like 6ix9ine, that n-gga a b-tch
oh, n-gga i’m dropping a diss
aye, don’t hop on my song
b-tch -ss n-gga i don’t know, leave me alone

[verse 2]
ugly -ss b-tch still capping that sh-t
pull up i hit with that stick and i hit
aye, pull up with gang [?]
p-ssy -ss n-gga a [?]
oh, aye, and i fly like a drone
aye, aye, [?] at your chrome
[?] better put you on with some clothes, aye

n-gga i just preformed this song