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3-15 – $2spnd lyrics


//i want my money to spend
friday night comin’ up and i want money to spend
i want my money to spend.//

all day, all day, all day
i like my money on time
i like my women a dime,/
and i want both -it motivates the grind./
don’t need a bad b-tch for a good time
but all my good times have come with a bad b-tch./
that mean i won’t settle for half-rich./
i want the commas, i promise./
i wanna make money in my pajamas,/
and i want a villa in italy for my momma; zero f-cks what the cost is./
i want the profits/ -simple as that
i want a suite above an executive’s office where i can find solace./
no more boxes up in my closets./
i want a walk-in to fetch one of my watches./
crib lookin’ flawless, i’m feelin’ like gatsby./
this drink’s got me happy./
smokin’ this fattie; voice gettin’ raspy./
this baddie wanna get nasty./
this ain’t vegas; go ahead -ask me./
she lookin’ good misbehavin’ so badly./
she’s not the sitter when i drop the kids off and she calls me daddy./
friday night comin’ up; gimme the addy./