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3-15 – billion bucks (remix) lyrics


[verse: 3-15]
feelin’ like a billi
cruisin’ through my city
sittin’; chillin’ pretty
know you n-ggas fear me
soon as people hear me
know i’m gonna spin their heads
they listen to the deadly flow and i know they gon’ wish they dead
p-ss they bed, get the blade, sh-t they pants and slit their throats or bow down
with my tatted canvas, attractin’ all the m-ss fans; n-ggas really wishin’ that they had my raw sound
just calm down, and watch the team; miracle lyrics’ll get you lost in dreams
it often seems, like i’m underrated, but now i’m lookin’ to cross the seams
wasn’t dope; that’s old news and i’m goin’ for broke
no more jokes; no more hoax
i’m showin’ lames how to spit flames
and tellin’ babes i’m like rick james
b-tch, i’m tellin’ you, i’m three fifteen;
he’s the n-gga that’ll steal the scene
the real king unveils his ring; brings the fiends to fill his dream while he’s real, blinks
and b-tches don’t know it, but i’m ready to come
i just wanna make sure the game’s satisfaction isn’t lackin’ ‘fore i’m even done
’cause the demon’s come, to show his wrath, and make this cash and overpower
rockin’ with that c-cky confidence and that confident c-ckiness
you can stop me, ms., ‘fore i give you a golden shower
locals can try, but they’ll never shine more than ours
so now you know i’m here to stay
make way for n-ggas paid
javier and aviel showin’ n-ggas that we’re really made
so please hate, you weak hoes
and replay the sweet notes
watch me make, this free-throw
hashtag 3-15’s the tweet, hoe