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3-15 – he who must not be named lyrics


my anaconda makes me slytherin
it wants to slither in a thinner ten bubble-b-tt hufflepuff wit’ her friend
that’s a harry potter reference for you f-cks that didn’t get it
last time i give you b-st-rds hints -like harry did to cedric
hidden message; i like subliminal sh-t
the day a local poser comes at me’s a minimal hit
my cynical wit; spittin’ this miscible sh-t
my lyrical kit -makin’ me a pivotal pr-ck
i’m intricate, kid; i’m eminem mixed wit’ some rittz
that’s double the cracker; packin’ a slacker swagger i pique
i splatter to small matter a rapper that spit
some little kid sh-t; hurts me like my bladder just split
i’m dapper; i chatter -but never flatter- a chick
we natter; they’re after javier to spatter the cl-t
you’re a whack rap actor and you have to submit
man, this rapper mastered scattered words, i’m glad to admit