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3-15 – molly ( lyrics


molly (3-15 remix)

went out and first met her at a party; i was seventeen
smokin’ purple with the crew; sippin’ on that lean.
she look all icy, then i thought i want a taste.
moments later, body sweatin’; my heart and mind were in a race
first, the things start slowin’ down
next, these b-tches gettin’ down
then, the room starts goin’ ’round
she ain’t stoppin’ ’til i hit the ground
i’m sweatin’ -forgettin’
how lousy these haters gettin’
they losers and headin’
to make this night an armageddon
pedal to metal on the highway
tell bk im’a do it my way
f-ck wendy and jizz in her
told her we’ll go straight to dessert and skip dinner
excited and hard as a rock, but i ain’t talkin’ balling
arrive at the party, cause a scene (and i can’t seem to find molly.)