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3-15 – think about ’em, sing about ’em lyrics


think about ’em, sing about ’em

1st verse:
rewindin’ back to the days when i would run at recess
back when money and hustlin’ was somethin’ that i ain’t need yet
i started off drawin’; spider-man and yu-gi-oh
my ipod and raps replaced everyone that knew me though
even detention was somethin’ i enjoyed
hours of writin’, constant scribbles; even the teachers done got annoyed
while the pages turned, the world got more confusing
cl-ssmates turned to memories; met the drugs they’re now abusing
meanwhile, i’m here tryna not let go of my adolescence
a loner at milwaukie, but now i have some best friends
as i hold my kid, i got the whole world in my hands
knowin’ i’ll make my family proud when i get the chance
now, i’m 19; future’s bright; you askin’, “what’s the plan?”
get that badge or briefcase instead of cash wrapped in rubber bands
if rappin’ fails, i’ll have that degree for the upper hand
for now, i rap and smoke with friends; vibe to summer jams

//all ’em good times -i know you think about ’em
the good, the bad, and ugly; don’t hurt to sing about ’em

/this kid’s growin’ up. x2./
got the good; roll it up
got ya drank; hold it up.// x2