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3-15 – typhon flow lyrics


typhon flow

1st verse:
listen up; this the way i reign.
fists is up and i came to play.
i made the way and shame the lames
aim to slain peasant n-ggas and i lay with dames
i got some people watchin’ and they know it’s best to keep their distance
i come at ’em like the kraken with all my wrath and i know they gonna need resistance
somethin’ ’bout the way i spit these bars
nothin’ like a fake n-gga with weak a cause
you n-ggas in the back actin’ like r-t-rds
knu skool in the front with all the stars we brought
swear i’m godly; say it proudly
you could never count the number of dumbf-cks who doubt me
p-ssed like lyssa; feed you my militia
take you out the picture; bet a real n-gga wouldn’t miss ya
flow monstrous like a gorgon; tell medusa that i’m comin’
bet she wetter than poseidon when i get that p-ssy c-mmin’
got an army like the t-tans and we strong as the olympians
knu skool entertainment will cast locals to oblivion
we’re the prime meridian cause we cut right down the middle
can’t swallow that like a pill though; more like swallowin’ a missile
i bet i do it simple, but you n-ggas all seem crippled
with these lyrics that i scribble so i’ll just go f-ck a nympho

2nd verse:
you oughtta admit that i do this sh-t; word to sean and jeezy
believe me when i say it’s easy just to get locals to see me
they see me on they newsfeed and they don’t even listen
because on these lame n-ggas is exactly who i’m p-ssin’, on
which is wrong, cause momma used to say be nice to my peers
but i can’t help it if y’all lookin’ like some queers
messin’ up my ears with the sh-tty songs y’all supposedly goin’ hard on
so i just go on
and poke fun at your blunders cause we don’t see compet-tion
knu skool and affiliates -such a perfect composition
but y’all b-tchin’ and i pitch in so i get the plot to thicken
while y’all p-ssies is just sittin’, my lyrical p-n-s stiffens
never knew i’d be like perseus; got head from medusa
and like zeus did danae, i made that p-ssy looser
i know i got the streets listenin’; they don’t even acknowledge
the lyrical martyr spittin’ harder; they harbor a starter and don’t pay me homage

3rd verse:
f-ck you still listenin’ for?
you don’t even know the myths
don’t know the stories behind the flows i spit or know any of my bros i’m rollin’ with
i’m known to get, into war-like zone; ‘least that’s what my n-ggas call it
i call it wreckin’ m-th-f-ckas like the battle of gods; fif’s here to demolish
these snapf-g, whack rap n-ggas who i’m here to abolish
in fact, that last task is exactly what i’m gonna admonish
these sn0bbish and waspish m-th-f-ckas who i’m gon’ tarnish
they so d-mn nauseous; lack logics when i rap phonics, astonish
all ’em muaf-ckas who don’t know real lyrics when they hit ’em
and, like p-ssy, when majors see me, be d-mn sure im’a k!ll ’em
either with these thick bars and spit hard;
way better than the lames who get cars
and get broads and get large, from whack muaf-ckin’ lines that sh-t hard
cause it’s all cr-p in your favorite rapper’s tracklist
my lyrics will sh-t on the album and have you mad p-ssed
hits you like a back fist; don’t try to attack this
get cranky; i’ll pop you weasels, and put you where jack is