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3-15 – typhon (swear 2 god) lyrics


typhon (swear 2 god)

//i swear to god
man, i’m underrated
i swear to god
if i’m not loved, i’m hated
i swear to god
it’s time they make a payment
i swear to god
man, i’m underrated

i swear to god, (swear to god) x4//

1st verse:
swear to god i’m in your dream -i’m freddy krueger; last thing you want is to mess with me
i’m a stressed mc
cause of fake rappers in my city, all the realness is left to me
fifteen -what a bad disease
he spits sixteens with ease; he’s the sickening beast
he’s the bee’s knees with the neat beats and the sweet treats; the scene teens -the ivy league elite

fake name for girls in the hills; spic name don’t impress mommy and daddy
white girls are cute, but bimbos with friends -swear they always get chatty
been a while since i f-cked a mixed b-tch with a fatty
thank god even my baby momma low-key a baddie
got a dub in the club; all i need is a caddy

real sh-t, i hate that my city don’t recognize a real spitta when they hear one
i’m a monster on the mic, and i’m ready to bite. a top dog -sh-t, i ain’t seen none
been rappin’ since oh-seven; seven years in the makin’
barely 19, and my plays been raised an’ i swear it’s an epidemic and mayhem takin’
over the town, with the crew wit’ me and i swear we up and comin’
other so called rappers in the region soundin’ seasoned; want beef -they better come up with somethin’
sh-t, there i go again rappin’ like i’m the hottest; must be the tree i’m puffin’
i’m a lightweight in the octagon as with my drinkin’; few shots -ooh wee, i’m buzzin’
sting like a bee, and don’t f-ck with the venom i spit
lyrical, and bangers and other strange music ’til i get a feature with em, jarren, even tech and then rittz
elementary school -i wrote my verses like dr. suess
now i’m graduated; my reign’s somethin’ i ought to prove
a monument or mountain that’s hard to move

harry took down voldemort, so how could i not lay these clowns to rest?
knu skool and fif are the only dudes spittin’ truth in the booth that hang around, i guess
f-cked my 5th grade crush at prom and she was a white bombsh-ll in her dress
so i know i got game for the dames, and good d-ck for a trick; either way, i’m not impressed
i know i got it in me to prove myself superior
to all my fellow locals, and doubters who knew me through the years

jupiter and neptune behind me, so don’t take me lightly
i don’t need zeus, or the energizer bunny to prove, i got the power to keep goin’ like lightening

it’s another typhon flow, and i’ll be d-mned if ya suckas don’t feel me
it’s a parallel universe and method of spittin’ that i’m revealing
give a f-ck if i’m appealing to die-hard lyricals or radio waves
i just want my sh-t and voice recognized whenever the f-ckin’ stereo plays

three dash one five; in other words, it’s fif, yo
i switch flows; i sip slow
i jizz hoes; those rich folk
i spliff smoke, and a well-known skitzo for ill shows
the swish dro’d and she’ll bone
a suicide; swell deep-throat

i’m a c-cky confident dude
and maybe it’s got something to do
with my confident c-ckiness, obvious, rude
blunt traits i got from my mother, and soon
im’a fly over the border again; maybe enjoy some time on a cruise
and nut kick daddy for not calling or writing for my birthday starting at two

i swear i’m just a kid that learned to make words bend and twist
if i don’t make somethin’ from this rappin’ then d-mn i’m p-ssed
least it gets me chicks, and weed that questions how we exist
if you like this verse, follow me; the rest can suck a d-ck and be dismissed cause

//i swear to god
man, i’m underrated
i swear to god
if i’m not loved, i’m hated
i swear to god
it’s time they make a payment
i swear to god
man, i’m underrated

i swear to god (swear to god) x4//