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3 daft monkeys – guardian angel lyrics


it knows what it likes and it likes what it knows,
and i just suppose that it knows how it goes.
it smiles when it’s awkward and grins at a sin.
laughs at trouble then jumps right on in.
a friend of your family and a friend of your foe.
helped your best mate when he was so low.
knows what you’re thinking with a wink of its eye.
picks up the pieces and never asks why.

(it’s your)
“guardian angel
and it’s living with you
guardian angel
it knows what to do
guardian angel
compelling and free
guardian angel
it’s always to be”

a guest at your party you didn’t invite.
not in the picture ‘cos it’s out of sight.
situations dissolve when it’s on the case.
covers your back so you don’t lose face.
see what’s behind you before you turn round.
and when you go forward it’s covered the ground.
scout on ahead with the roads that you take.
picks up the pieces of the hearts that you break.