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3 daft monkeys – social vertigo lyrics


i think that i should really go, i’m starting to feel
quite strange you know.
i’ve got tunnel vision, lost all precision, my
concentration stops in mid…. flow.

mountain climbing, skating in mud. can-can dancers and
roller-coasting, horsing and carting. tear-stained
faces from hysterical laughing.

well hi, h-llo, how do you do? at least one of my eyes
should be looking at you.
we met last november? i can’t quite remember. it’s all
quite a blur, and it’s spoiling my view of

social vertigo.
here we go now.

bonjour monsieur grand, now there you are, i meant to
talk earlier but i went to the bar.
now my head is reeling, i’ve lost all feeling, remind
me again of just who you are… just who you are.

travelling circuses, b-tties of eggness. falling in
love on a junk boat in paris.
chilling beers in an outdoor bath. wearing clothes
backwards and halloween masks.

i’m sure that you are really nice but i’m having
trouble with my vice.
your lips are moving; it’s quite confusing. i can see
your face at least twice with my.

social vertigo.
here we go now.

now there’s the door and there’s the floor, seems to be
defying all natural law.
when all’s said and done it’s still all quite fun but i
don’t think i can take anymore.

leapfrogging statues in the park. table football in the
mushroom pakoras and midnight feasts. woken by the riot
table footsie pooh-stick racing. i’m a-monkey music
rowing around the lake ‘til dawn. playing in front of
the tupperware stall.
hopping and hoping and whirling and spinning. heather
ale and highland flinging.
jumping and jigging and turning and reeling. having
that social vertigo feeling.