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30 foot fall – don’t open the door lyrics


don’t open the door
you make me cold
i’m comfortable enough in here alone
no work today
no work tomorrow
quit calling me cause i won’t answer the phone

i don’t wanna play
everything sounds the same
i need a song to save my life
if they listen close, i’m afraid they’ll know
sometimes i don’t know what to say i

and so what if it’s hard being alone?
at least the trials that i’m standing are my own
i fall in love so easily
don’t crush and brush my heart off just to see
how much do you care?
are you really here?
or are we just paying the rent?
how can i explain
the effortless strain
of all the time together spent?
my reasoning and morals bent
i do what i can to try and flow
like water but one can never know
what tomorrow brings
it’s hard to hold my breath and sing
about the good times that have happened by
the failures – but at least i tried
i just wanna be

i’m learning all i’ve learned
is relative to where i’m standing
up on my two feet
sometimes the meaning escapes me