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30 foot fall – global defenestration lyrics


untie your tongue
and tell the people what it’s time to think
loosen your tie
look at the teleprompter take a drink
the stage is set
so one more time with feeling
enron, afghanistan or clear cutting well drilling

and if they get mad
just wave a flag
wrap it up in a flag
i wonder

how does it feel to catch the patriotic fever
it does not penetrate me, i’m a non believer
not something i’m happy with
but that’s the way it is
hard to distinguish our government from showbiz
now lies with you
now lies with me

so what does it mean to say
we’ve got responsibility?
you draw the lines
for all the tings you do
and what you believe

no we can’t help that we’re born
after that magic dies
but just because things are acting funky
doesn’t mean we should act blind
blind faith kills

freedom to buy
and to invest
to go to the movies
and keep paying interest
we pledge allegiance to the corporation
and we support global defenestration
watching tv
safe and happy