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:30 (us) – next up lyrics


break down hoods that come like scooby
shout free gang my drillers loopey
slap of corn go pack and groupies
catch me boppin wi my swammy
extra sweats that come in handy
wan chat bout chatty hatty dem man training to be athletes
bin long in hoopties
man can’t tell me bout violence
i ain’t going down like a punk
so i back my hammer and trident
dem boy there fragile
even if you move there frightened
and id put it in my mums life
every time ive been nicked i stayed silent
n-ggas tried slide on the beat
and we turned them round at the entrance
they must off thought that we lie when we rapping
and them b-tch n-ggas hopping over fences
31s trynna screw wi the whistle
when he’s sorting out the t–th like a dentist
and i’m on probation wi my skeng and my po said i’ve been splended
know i ant bin giving out freebies
b-tch ya better have my money like re re
it’s lack that the gang can’t handle
k cheifed up hit him wi the rambo
he just ripped the tag of his ancle
venomas snakes watch out for the vermin
bando bare jabs feels burning
i turned light then dark in the sterling
two runners got the kit kats twerking
why are you talking bout guns you ain’t got none
even back in 013 you was on one
you was baking on the trap wi the long one
then i got a bag wi the sweats for the shotgun
talk about 30 #authentic
now everywhere i go i get mentioned
i won’t lie that’s not what i expected
i’m trynna cop a big mac 11 extended
im trynna get to the top like icin
long 27 inch sword like a viking
gun shots that sh-ts exiting
i don’t mind little d loves riding
like where dey doe
where dey at
where dees p-ssios hiding
and if i ever catch man slipping in the b better do what i say like simon