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300 lucifer – houdini lyrics


let’s get it
let’s get it
money will vanish
money replenish. (houdini)

my n-gg-s got dem packs
yea n-gg-
where you at?
watchu need? we got dem drugs n-gg- we got them straps we never lack
crossing my path looking crazy is like you just seen a black cat
cut off ya head ima shrink it and put it into my backpack
bury you out back
n-gg-s don’t know where i be, i be all round the map
lil b-tch where am i at
where am i at?
n-gg-s know that i’m allseeing b-tch imm all knowing and that is a fact
i’m so conceited, i stare in the mirror and the mirror staring back
i don’t put up with no cr-p with these n-gg-s
i’m working my craft
she gon sit down on my shaft in the bath cause she know i’m the man
i ain’t f-cking with the man with the plan–
silent treatment hand
i’m dead inside so i’m zombie walking across the land
apocalyptic immortal vampire dab in a bag
pull it out on ya b-tch one time now she suck and she gag
b-tch we ain’t popping no tags
all yu get is this d-ck b-tch
and maybe a cab

let’s get it
let’s get it
money will vanish
money replenish (houdini)