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300 r3my – fake love lyrics


n+ggas be thinking too different
i’m really from trenches they really don’t get it, remember them days
no lights and the water the kitchen
was down on my ass ain’t even have all my winches
i was dead broke and still had all my b+tches
i’m really that n+gga but sit on 4 figures

really that demon that’s clutching 4 triggers and hitting five n+ggas and laying them flat on they back
wit a black mac for my strap
brody get clapped if he talking that sh+t
he don’t want the smoke
he don’t know all of that

getting the cheese i been making my sack
i been in my bag and i’m young and i’m black , praying no days gеt add to my sentence
facing mistakеs and these life consequences, no label gone sow me they interest untill i feel finished+


my name is willow , sometimes go billow
hit that as sharp when i jump out the stylo
i’m at 10 bad when the p+ssy get clapped and you’ll never know if it was me or the hero
hundreds of stacks, hundred on that
thousands of racks , never go back
never the same , my life gonna change
move over i’m switching my lanes

i’m never the same
my life can change , my life can change
but not today, move over , new rover and a wraith, i switch lanes in the back with the bae
news over , news over in the wraith

yea , i’m never gone pipe down
you’s over come on with the lights down
i promise i’ll change , i won’t ever leave you whatever it seems like right now
and so you were making excuses, so it seems i’m losing the fluid
i’m picking up the pieces that he’s the one your f+cking scr+w+ng?
im done
im speechless
i won’t get no preacher
but i hope that no one listening is not evil like you either