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300clay – 9am lyrics



catch me with yo b-tch
said im moving swift said she wanna take a pic
i can’t trust no b-tch
nah lil clay can’t trust no b-tch
im tryna get rich
f-cking hoes & popping sh-t

heyy sony riding in a muhf-ckin tesla
boutta hit the bank wit em
cause you know our checks up
b-tches keep on saying clay i heard you next up
yeah that may be true but im still gon finesse ya
(pew pew pew)

shots is off yo dome b-tch im coming home
and they said “what?”
guess thats just the life that you chose
girl im tryna love you bae im not tryna bone
but on a daily dont go blowing up my phone

they said i got alotta aggression
b-mping tay k 40 motherf-cking 7
diamonds dancing man you know that its a blessing
b-tch i keep a weapon this is my confession

yeah you’re woman crush man yeah she obsessed with me
said he wanna fight cause his girl she want the best for me
suck me so good like she gave me a vasectomy
seen i had the wood but i only want the s-x baby

im tryna live good why you keep on stressing me?
saying that you love me when you just tryna get next to me
lil clay dont love no thot no b-tch can mess with me
and she saying clay you got it like i got the recipe

oh wait tell me what you tryna do!
last year you woulda seen me riding in a coupe!
now im riding with 4 b-tches and they all f-cking knew!
making b-tches go “ooo” cuz sony had a tool
wait wait

verse 2

ayyy and you know i keep a gun it go pew pew
my brother sony took ya b-tch now we coming for you
seen the other day that i was just riding in a coupe
took ya f-cking b-tch and now she acting brand new
to you
sorry boy that ain’t ya boo
she knew
next week you know that she gon f-ck my crew
yeah and my n-gg-s yeah you know that they wit me
in my f-cking city we down to get litty

ay like on wayne rooney b-tch im counting cash
hadda do the dash pull a 100 moving fast
we not in highschool bae im not just tryna smash
but just saying if we do im really gonna splash
wait wait
its round 12am im chillin in my bed
hadda text my again she left me out on read
told her i be f-cking hoes i dont even want her head
im just tryna get fly and count all this bread

for my billys that’ll run up ya and take ya head
if you didn’t know sony run up with the lead
im just tryna be cute and maybe call you my big head
but ill break ya heart and you’ll prolly end up want me dead
wait wait
its round 12am
and you tryna f-ck?
b-tch get the f-ck up
i don’t even want you what you talking bout aye

in the rear k!lling n-gg-s like they dear
n-gg- take a chair boy you can’t even compare
and you see this diamonds round my neck they f-cking rare
and tell yo b-tch too that she can’t even come near

i be living crazy boy you can’t even compare