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300clay – fool ya lyrics


aye oh na na na na
oooooohhhh aye ya aye

and tell my baby anything that she need
ima get it for you girl you know that you my queen
if you wanna lil cedes or ride out in a beam
everybody jelly cuz they know that we a team
and f-ck my ex b-tch

you know that girl man she a loser
all these thotties only used me for their medusa
my lil 30 clip is longer than a ruler
and i’m sweet but you know i’ll never fool ya (aye)

and they already know my name
lil clay in a foreign pull up switching lanes
you calling me a thot because you want someone to blame
all on my doorstep tears fallin like the rain (aye)

because i moved on
suck it up ya
you ain’t want this you want someone to f-ck ya
go ahead and front for your friends you outa luck ya
sony riding wit me and he keep the glizzy tucked ya

she gon bend like banana
she f-ck it up slim waist like a dancer
she pull up on me but mi tell her mi nuh want her
better move on cuz me cyan even badda

i remember one day it was last year
maybe the year before but i dont even care
when i told you that i loved you and you weren’t even there
always wanna argue when you never treat me fair

now its over a year later and i got a new shorty
slim waist girl and she always all up on me
worried bout her bag and she got a fat punani
never gotta stress because she always got that money

(aye) and i’m riding in a coupe now
freestyle the whole dam chune now
i dont give a f-ck what you do now
better move on to the next n-gg- move out

what they gonna do free mad max
my brother in the trap and he bagged that
my shorty in the back and her -ss fat
me worried boutta b-tch dont jack that

aye and you know i never fool ya
oh you know i never fool ya
aye you know i never fool ya
oh and you know i never fool ya

f-ck all the haters girl you know just how i do ya
wet like the ocean when we always get in tune ya (that sh-t is wet)
everything that i do you know that its for you ya
aye girl you know i never fool ya

oh aye oh aye
now i’m in a rarri see me switching lanes
and my brother on the phone and he said he on the way
if you wanna see me just tell me where you stay oh just tell me where you stay

i know its fate that we would break up one day and no longer date
now you tryna pull up and i’m saying that you late
with saint laurent all up on my pockets holdin weight
b-tch just move out my way

i’m tryna get this cash and you f-cking up my cake
might just pop a perky that even if its laced
my brother numba 9 out there did the race
and my momma said that i’ll come one day ion gotta chase
when cash pull up and i know he got the bape
im coming june 12th might f-ck round drop the tape
she my wonder woman she dont even got a cape
always sticking to the green i ain’t worried boutta a vape (no)

oh oh na na na
ya ya ya ya
ooooohhh aye
oh aye oh aye
ya aye na na na
na na na na
(aye ya)