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302 luke – d to the a remix lyrics



comin straight from the 302 lets get it
p+ssy boy i told you once, y+y+you should take a seat
(chris the producer)

{verse 1}
polo g, man i’m spazzin on this beat (i’m spazzin)
said i ain’t gang, but now i’m grabbin on this heat (on this heat)
put you in a coffin, tuck you in nice and neat
p+ssy boy i told you once, you should take a seat (take a seat)
we ain’t shootin shots at ya feet (nah)
we shootin at his head
spin back make sure he dead (uh)
if he not, you know i am grippin on this lead (yuh)
closed captions that what happened to a mother f+cking fed (gang)
can’t see these p+ssies through these shades
no blade on me p+ssy you can catch this fade (catch it)
rockin nines, ak’s, lil bro ain’t got the nades
playin these hoes, like it was an arcade
you want no smoke (boom boom boom)
gassed weed gonna make a real blood choke
call me kodak, and let me drive the f+ckin boat
wanna bang it out, we can let it tote
i told lil ann to dump the clip and reload (reload)
roll down the windows and let me spray this f+cking tommy
feds on my ass for a homi
dumped the clip and talk to shawty (toss it)
they must think this my first body
with a mac 11, for when they try to stop me (uh)
drippin water like i’m fiji
all these p+ssies wanna be me
(you can’t be me) (nah)
fried his up, now we on channel 6 tv
the boy in the ocean floatin up with the seaweed (he floatin)
i’m out here screamin free my brothers in the cell (free em)
facin life for lettin off them shotty sh+lls
three in his chest, should have seen the way he fell
feds asked if i knew sum, i said that sh+t don’t ring a bell
but that’s what happened to an opp (yup)
just for them, i got this red beam on this glock (on this glock)
for my brothers, i really let off these shots
look down, scope on an opp
i’ll bust his top (on god)
told the judge that no cage gone phase me (nuh uh)
behind the bars, man that sh+t what really made me
that b+tch looked at me like i was f+cking crazy
the love my music in the hood, i feel like jay+z
he k!lled my brotha, and that b+tch can’t even face me (nope)
its time to mask up so that the feds can’t f+cking trace me
(mask up)
its normal to catch a body, i do it on the daily
i am out here shooting more shots than mcgrady (mcgrady)
pockets empty now i am in the rari 62
got the chrome, please tell me what you gon do (wassup)
got bands on me every single one blue
so many hunnids on me that they call me blues clues
rockin bb cuz more bands means more b+tches
talk on the gang now he swimmin with the fishes (yessir)
i tried tell him that, boy he should listen
now he six feet under, someone get to diggin