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30/30 gang d- nash – cut throat ( deondre verse ) lyrics


30 on them 40 , dont make me have to put the clip in
look like a plug , because it gotta long extension
give em 25 , like oj simpson
n-ggas freeze up when the choppaz get ta rippin’
ring around the rosie , yea ihad to let that b-tch spin
ain’t talking flies , when isay homicides zipin’
put em on mute , if ifeel like he ain’t listening
u thought we was a vacant house , they way we had to strip him
sorta like a wet floor , they was we caught em slippin’
big 9 rug , blow a n-gga like im whislin’
working with a 30 , shooting sh-t like im pimpin’
tear his acl , like derrick rose have em limpin’
shooters on deck , like them 05 pistons
pull up like kanye , but iont think im memphis
free my n-gga darshaun , them bars just kicked in
cut throat n-gga , ibe ballin’ on these b-tch n-ggas