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303bam – enemies lyrics


just let the beat play
i gotta let some feelings out
don’t wanna ever see you scared i put that on everything
i know sometimes you fear thinking that i’m just gon leave
ride or die for my n-gg-s but ima leave that street in the streets
or all of these benjamin franklins they been some loyal friends to me
cuz when you thuggin this hard baby you gon make some enemies
just promise me you’ll be there that you’ll always be there for me
no all them hoes in the past no they ain’t mean nothing to me
if i was broke on my -ss would these hoes still be in love with me

verse 1:
know he made some mistakes but it’s still free my n-gg- p
still so thankful today cuz i might see twenty-three
gon have to catch me a fade cuz this n-gg- thinking he could get one up on me
growing up i wanted those j’s now i only keep them retros on my feet
she really wanna be bae i can tell by the way she f-cking me
b-tch i stay sharp like a saw i don’t see another n-gg- that’s cut like me
spend a quick couple racks at the mall
gotta make sure all my brothers is flea
cuz that’s what i care bout the most
i make sure my enemies close
i couldn’t pretend to be broke
i had to push a couple people really to the side
gotta take back my heart baby that’s mine
yeah you mess wit the fam then you know day you gon have to die
i got brothers how could i not give em a piece of the pie
told my girl she don’t have to work i’m finna provide
and i gotta woah
i gotta know
i know they did you dirty
baby it’s okay because they hurt me


verse 2:
it’s getting harder just to ease my pain
i can’t make it go away
after all this time you got nothing to say
no wonder why i smoke these pounds all day
they didn’t give me a chance
these n-gg-s will put you down way before you even can
that’s why i can never switch up on who i really am
b-tch all of my n-gg-s official my boys really a hundred grand
but she just wanna
sip and drank out right out the bottle
yeah i made my b-tch a model
i told her we might not be here tomorrow
we living like we won the lotto
rollin with my shawty
told that b-tch she gotta stop with all the calling me
f-ckin it up with my n-gg-s
and all of them hundreds are all for me
could never f-ck with a n-gg- who broke cuz that sh-t could rub off on me