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303bam – gone lyrics


yea baby i’ve been f-cking hoes
still can’t let you go
try to flex yea that’s a double o
just thought you should know
if it’s one thing that i f-cking hate
is to be alone
you keep saying that you wit yo girls
when you coming home
how come every time i turn my back
you be on my phone
quit that acting like i ain’t ain’t with that
you know what i’m on
soon as you say that you’re done with me
she know that i’m gone
baby i do not want you to leave
that’s not what i want

verse 1:
same sh-t
just a different day
catch me on my own
you can’t find another n-gg- like me
i don’t see no clones
i’ve been tryna find a big estate somewhere i call home
if my n-gg- make one more mistake he ain’t coming home
just one more…
oh oh
how the f-ck you say you love me when you don’t
blame it on me saying this is what i chose
always tryna bring up everything you know
dem b-tches sliding in yo dm’s that’s for sure
shorty pulled up on me quick she at my door
told her that i’m done with this no ain’t no more
i’ve been smoking all these drugs it’s in my
and i’m just tryna figure out why we at war
when you left i felt that pain right in my core
gave you more than just my word girl i swore
don’t leave me hanging you no what i’m here for


verse 2:
i can’t fall in love again
cuz when i was with you girl i was suffering
tryna make sure that you good so i was hustling
always asked you for the truth and you would cover it
(why you ain’t tell me?)
riding in a foreign and you no that b-tch go fast
man it’s really f-ck you b-tch i’m glad you in the past
tryna run a race wit me you know you come in last
cuz now i gotta badder b-tch i know she get you mad
yea yea
my new baby now she rocking that saint laurent
you gotta man just tell that n-gg- i’ll put em on
just wanna help all my n-gg-s and put em on
the way i’m working got me feeling like i’m a don
feel like a don
feel like a don
working no days off
working no days off
i’ve been ballin hard like it’s the playoffs
hatred in your heart i know i’m the cause