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303bam – heart in a mercedes lyrics


aye feel me out real quick tho
i’m saying like
this love sh-t complicated
trying my best to help you understand where a n-gg- coming from
how she took off with my heart in the mercedes
she no she can’t f-ck with no n-gg- who ain’t me
we keep them sticks for any n-gg- tryna play me
lotta drip
got her wetter than the navy
when i leave she be crying like a baby
flyest n-gg- out here that’s how momma made me
yeah some switched up on me that sh-t never phased me
so i’ve all about my self baby lately

verse 1:
whole lotta cash love it when the bank pay me
realest n-gg- in it ain’t no way you could replace me
steady reminiscing girl you know was my baby
she was my beyoncé had me feeling like i’m jay z
f-cking all these b-tches so i guess you could just blame me
bae i’m doing me there ain’t no way that you can tame me
dumbest thing that you could do my n-gg- is betray me
helped so many people i had n-body to save me
they just wanna put me down and degrade me
this my team i know they could never trade me
no matter what these b-tches gonna chase me
and you could leave but one day you gotta face me


verse 2:
don’t need no one to fire this dope up yeah
no you don’t want it n-gg- don’t front yeah
i’m straight up worried bout my own stuff yeah
and you know what my gang throw up yeah
2019 we finna go up yeah
do the dash no i won’t slow up yeah
my diamonds cold like they froze up yeah
ain’t choose this life this sh-t chose us yeah
can’t f-ck wit n-gg-s they show no love yeah
i did all this for you
i seen you pull up in a benzo
acting like i ain’t see you tho
uh ouu