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303bam – here to stay lyrics


and i don’t got love for a lot of people no more
especially how n-gg-s treated me, on some b-tch -ss sh-t too
it is what is tho you feel me
and don’t think i’m gonna be crying over you either
i got a… i ain’t even gonna say it
303 the gang and that’s for life

yea eh
i was right there i was with you
i know you was scared
thinking bout all the times cuz you was always there
all these n-gg-s in my city hating on me yea yea
love my momma i promise that i’ll always be here
couldn’t find your love for nothing no one told me where
and my heart so broken my heart so broken it can’t be repaired
everyday i go to war cuz that’s what they declared
wanna die for you so baby just please be prepared

verse 1:
just rock wit me baby yea uh
hope you don’t hate me yea uh
you left me alone uh uh
i was going crazy yea uh
why these n-gg-s shady yea uh
like it’s gonna phase me yea uh
i know you been hurting yea uh
let’s smoke and get wavy yea uh
repeat x4


verse 2:
gonna be smoking and drinking
it’s been real hard to stop thinking
things change soon as i’m blinking
say you love me do you mean it
b-tch i got some pain in me uh
i’m tryn make a name for me uh
worry about you faithfully
bae this everyday for me
no you tried it’s okay for me
come get high and hit sp-ce wit me
i don’t want you away from me
just need you to have faith in me
it feel like la
bad lil hoe from the bay uh
she just wanna smoke all day uh
now i’m seeing stars like a wraith uh
she ain’t been home
uh she ain’t been home in days
just can not see you alone
so baby i’m here to stay
baby i’m here to stay