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303bam – i’m yours lyrics


she know all these b-tches after
but that don’t change what she has with me
i know my baby can’t stay mad at me
every night she putting that on me
told me relax and threw it back on me
i love it when she get the racks on me
she keep it real she never act with me
that’s why she getting anything that she needs

verse 1:
they hurt you in the past it’s not your fault
i’ll catch it way before i let you fall
and can’t n-body have me cuz i’m yours
she know that a n-gg- want it all
baby if you need me make the call
you know i’m pulling up i’m with my dogs
this ain’t nothing like you had before
she said she like when i pull on her hair
she said she like her legs up in the air
imma eat it then let me take it there
i hit that spine no need to tell me where

i ball
so you can have it all
ain’t no days off
this is what it costs


verse 2:
yeah that’s enough
i’m riding for my baby i’m in love with her
f-ck these other n-gg-s i ain’t trusting yuh
ima spend that cash i’m finna f-ck it up
pull up on her ex like what the f-ck is up
cuz i’m the only n-gg- that is stuck with her
and you probably the reason suffered (yuh)
it’s a dub for ya
i saved you
from all these other n-gg-s tryna play you
baby you my star can not trade you
just want you to know i won’t betray you
it gotta be a god because he made you