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3:07 am freestyle – umtrillest lyrics


free zay
out the tent
rip k yeah
rip temp
that was my brother for real
died to some kids yuh
know that i [???]
know that you took him away
pulled up to your spot with a blade
when i saw you i put it away
thought it better to run me a fade
cause i wouldn’t feel better today
no taking your life wouldn’t make me feel better today
aye aye
now you in the cell
like my mother was locked in a cell aye, sh+t
don’t even know if this lady that hits my phone is my mother
i wish [???]
i wish had me another uh aye
i don’t know if i meant that
but these scars you ain’t prevent that no
but i can’t really blame you
but enough about you
had a lover she left me too
i guess that’s standard yeah, f+ck
i can’t stand that
she could be the love of my life but she never understands me
[???] in the night bet this blade gone come in handy yeah
bet this blade gone come in yeah
yeh yeh yeh
i ain’t write this down it’s a lot
these my feelings yah it’s off the top bih
like yo dome
like yo dome
try me now and ima pull up to yo home
cause i think i had enough
i’ll call your bluff aye
you ain’t ride with me
you ain’t slide with me
y’ain’t tuff mm
you ain’t deal with this pain so we ain’t the same i got the fire i got+
i got
we ain’t the same uh
but she is the same uh
and the world never change
my brothers is dying huh
my people is dying huh
my people is crying huh
but the lil ones smiling huh
cause they don’t know, yeah
and i don’t know
they don’t, i don’t know
they don’t know i don’t know [???] aye
i been lost for a while
praying for someone to come and make it worth my while uh
been sad for a while
been bad for a while ahh
i feel maleficent
but still i feel irrelevant, to you
cause i still think about you but you don’t think bout me too but can i tell you bout that time that i was