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30sidelouie – she my slime (freestyle) lyrics


i know you mad at me
i can’t even deny yeah

i gotchu tripping
i f-cked up your peace of mind

f-ck them b——
i want you right by my side yeah

she my ride or die baby
she my slimee

she my slime
she my slime yeahhhh

(verse 1)
i see you hurting forreal
you should tell me how ur feeling
did you wrong i ain’t mean it
f-cked up i’m in the deep end

lil baby was it worth it
i tried best my it ain’t working
made mistakes i ain’t perfect
my love deeper than the surface

but i ride for you
so b you gone ride for me ?
cus you want the truth
saying baby don’t lie to me

you ain’t tryna believe it
kept it real
ain’t no pretend
i know i’m wrong and but i see ittttt
trust me girl but i see it

tryna put u in that birkin bag
f-ck my ex sh-t i curved her -sss
i know u love me but i hurt u bad
i loss your trust when i earned it back

but i got a lot my mind
truss me girl thats all you
i ain’t even tryna argue
know i love you when its all thru
and thats forreal