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31 knots – black ship auction lyrics


pushing in the face of haste.

a carrot dictating your fate.

four city blocks and i’m getting off,
on my addiction.
my addiction.

three needs were addressed while others were adrift in speculation, speculation.
two roots in a match, each other on the other’s back, so i taste them, so i taste them.

one long breath, so it all makes sense.

oh capricious victim, how i wish you’d listen,
instead of simply hearing what i say.
the hour you’ve enlisted, though young and solipsistic, hasn’t got the clout to not obey.

2: 43
i am in a car, stuck in traffic, at the age of anyone, coming from forgetting and restless …
see it’s better thru remember what gauges never measure,
what process’s always practiced but never preached.
see you are unhappy, well versed in agitation, for pushing round the peaceful emb-ssies.

03: 39
its a… octave
(singing your dead)
haunting your sleep.
haunting your heart.
with one thing
thats sacred as

a threat to our cause.

the voices.
the voices.
the voices.
that sing.
that …