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31 pulot – gooder than a maw lyrics


[b (31 pulot)]

off the top like a confiscated hat
they took it back like
we confiscating that

its your boy b
y’all know me
45 minutes into a movie about a bee

behind closed doors
people knocking
what they dont know
is that b is plotting

grip it, rip it, energy, the g-force
hands always tapping
decipher the morse
hope you’re hungry
eat the main course
where you find those rhymes?
b is the main source

an eyelid flip
thats a complicated bus trick
dose and peel out
needles feel like toothpicks

best product
i stay up on the gadgets
dont let the feet touch, f-ggot

muppet 31
pulot bus meme
you getting bodied and they finding you downstream
i spent a summer running a meme account
rain on your modem
never a drought

where the rathbaus?
he breaking ankles
chalk to the floor
i’m writing donny shankle

burgers flipped, one hundred thirty four
jim “the jimster” peterson, setting the high score

this rap is nothing but high energy
no cucks allowed
vape naysh y’all
we blowin fatty clouds

vs the guy tells she you not worry about
you a webelo
and he an eagle scout