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31shots – a love life i envy lyrics


i gave you everything
i gave you all of me
i gave my mind my soul my trust my body my heart my whole

putting my pride to the side, so you won’t hide
i did everything, shawty i just wanted you to be mine

who that n-gg- that you with
girl i bet he won’t buy you sh-t
i put my heart on the line
put my spirit and my mind into you just for you to do this
even though you lied to me, couldn’t come straight, couldn’t put your pride aside for me?
honestly, that’s all, but is it really to much to ask for
one time i slipped up tho
i called you a b-tch and i called you a hoe
i’m sorry for the sh-t that i did
honestly, but i just wanted trust and honesty
idk if it’s just me
but maybe we just weren’t meant to be
truth is you didn’t love like you said u would
we’re defined by the sh-t that they see and what we do
but ppl don’t really know the sh-t that we’re going through
im bouta go insane
31 shots to the brain
i just wanna numb the pain
but even though i hate it i still love because the way it feels with you but i can’t trust it