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333amlucid – doxycycline lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah, okay

all in your mouth, that is tomfoolery
i caught a body, now cops, they keep shootin’ me
lootin’ me, sold ’em now i’m stuck in mutiny
who is he, uh?
yeah, like i am bulletproof, uh
f+ck n+ggas talkin’, like, who is you? uh
i got some [?] like scooby doo, uh
zero pockets, we will shoot at you, uh
huh, okay, like, hit my line, uh+huh, outta time, uh+huh
want beef? uh+huh, five guys, uh+huh
what matters? okay, no lives, uh+huh, uh+huh, uh+huh
like i got [?], mask, baby i retire, uh
red truck, firefighter, uh
get that money just like fiverr, uh
like, i’ll cut you off because we finna fight her
i got that bible, these n+ggas bе prayin’
that .44 be screamin’, they go supеr saiyan
i f+ck on your mother, her legs just be shakin’
me while they [?] the rules just be quakin’
i f+ck on your+, yeah, like
f+cked up, uh, p+ssy boy, callin’ ’em f+cked up, uh
careful the way that he tuck up, uh
look at me like it’s my luck up, yeah
uh, got that doxycycline, uh
best you ain’t tryna fight me, uh, yeah
i found out about that doxycycline bar by f+cking looking at my aunt’s pills, bruh