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333nivira – gta lyrics


move it move it down like you got no frown
i’m just going to drive my way around
i dont care if you have my next sound
as long as i got this crown
i’m up in the street
dont worry about me
i got my new free beat
all i need is a seed ayy
not a seed then a d with my dj
dont worry if you have a free name with a dj
i’m singing all around
i’m in my green suit dropping in the crowd
and i know its found
i love my momma no matter what right now she’s not around
if you think i’m good enough
just watch me before i start shooting up
jumping up
lucking up
everything is just a rubbing up
i dont care if it’s a locking up
i’m just saying
i’m just praying
i’m just raining
i dont care if you just saying or laying
i’m breaking through the sky
making sure i dont lie