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333stain – interlude too my life lyrics


drunk again
feeling numb
so cold
no salt
lost and numb
keep your eyes closed

i’m drunk again
lil high
feeling numb all over
no lungs (no lungs)
no eyes (no eyes)
tell me baby do you think that i die
i can’t tell
i’m drunk (i’m drunk)
so cold (so cold)
not [?]
feel nothing
take me from running away
feel pain
i’m stain
is that my name? ok
i’m fine
i’m fine
i wanna die
i wanna die
i pick up a noose up
i let her run up, alright
keep it cold now
in the cauldron
i try to stay lit
now i’m feeling so, cold (drunk) again

i’m drunk again
yeah, yuh, yeah
i’m drunk again, yeah
keep me company
before i die
and keep me company
before i cry
i’m fine
i’m high
i try
maybe lie
no crime, in finding your high
i’m loving the way you look at me
keep me company

i’m drunk again
yeah, yuh
i’m drunk again
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah