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33gwaupo – famous lyrics


{they like gwaupo u famous )
(o they be like gwaupo u famous)
they be like gwaupo u famous (uh uh uh)
(they be like gwaupo u famous)
they be like gwaupo u famous
was a rookie im one of the greatest
and respect the day ones that i came with
and these chains is a way of repayment
this is the life of the bravest
i made a way from the bottom pf the bas+m+nt
trappn and robbing this sh+t could get dangerous
started some changes
nеva switched sides
but made somе replacements

n+ggas is mad cus im bully
cus the hate they was givin
ain’t shock me
and they b+tch on my d+ck throwing p+ssy
she know im vet not a rookie
i hang wit some k!llas so n+gga dont push me
and whenever they push me
get smoked like some cookies
they know start running when i pull up the hoodie
was fighting my demons
i turned to 1 fully
i been thru the storm
now im ready for rain
i been thru some pain me
and u not the same
the best with the sticks no controller or games
n+ggas want beef we heat up the flames

can’t figure me out so they making assumptions
won’t clear up a rumor u know how im coming
ain’t with the fussin they sick to they stomach
ain’t telling no lies
i keep it one hundred

let me down down
when i needed the most
k!lling my vibe i hada go
n+ggas is broke they getting exposed
i never trust hoes them b+tches is gross
they swallow ur kids than f+ck on ur bros
see that u winning the hatred juust grows
watch how u shine they step on ur toes
got so much pain i never let go