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33west33 – game with the devil lyrics


[hook: lil sheldon33]
i’ma die alone
i’ma die alone
die alone
i’ma die alone
i’ma die alone
die alone
die alone

[verse 1: aiven33]
f-ck da hype, i wanna see yo’ blood
on my god
where’s ma glock
go to drugdilla
i’m like k!lla
i don’t like that sh-t
save that sh-t
dead sh-t
rolling sh-t
wrist is slit
hate yo’ lie
suicide all the time
god please, save my life
i don’t will cry when you f-cking die
please go away from my life
i don’t know what you want
f-ck it all
take the gold
i want to take everything
take the dope
i don’t joke
you go back and your friend – fake
smoking green, sippin lean
f-ck what you mean
f-ck the scene
f-ck the fame
f-ck the game
f-ck the drugs
black blood in my veins
have scars on my face (ya)

[verse 1: lil sheldon33]
jump to the window
crashed to death it’s your last breath, my friend
somebody sent brains and lungs
somebody wanna see your eyes
somebody wanna take my hand
but i just wanna k!ll for death
take my chains
take my watch
as my uncle taught (yo)
cut the liver, then the chest, then the head
and his dead
it’s my road to the dream
n-body can’t hear your scream
dying of sad
dying of mad
smoking my weed
smoking for speed
all alone
n-body know
33west it’s my best
take the pistol, shot in head
i’ma die its the end
blood on walls
lucifer calls
bullets falls
where your b-lls
it’s my rules
it’s my songs
it’s my money
i’ma die alone
i’ma die alone
die alone
die alone
die alone