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33west33 – why angels cry? lyrics


evil sh-t is
evil  sh-t is
evil  sh-t is
evil sh-t is

[verse 1: lil sheldon33]

f-ck the cops, b-tch i like only myself
crushed  head with a rocky
its  the murder, its the traper
defuse bomb like a sapper
jump  in pool like a rapper
go to h-ll, what you tall b-tch?
dropping you`r beat like a bomb it`s well
took the weapon put on the sell
i`m  closed you`r door
hit on the floor
money it`s all? give me more
i`m cut you`r neck, cut you`r wife
cut you`r childrens, cut you`r dog
i`ma little mad
you like rat
b-tches felling sad
she k!lled people
she regret
33 on my neck
check you`r back
smoking drugs
i`ma dropping this songs
i`ma beast, leaving on the east, eating only drist
k!lling hunters, i`ma best
happy, lucky it`s not me
b-tches wanna f-ck
middle finger up
lucifer back
satan is risen
h-ll – it`s the prison
h-ll – it`s the prison
h-ll – it`s the prison

[verse 2: aiven33]

drugs in my veins, i remember that place
im always poor, but never hide my face
quietly sneaking k!lled him, k!lled her
cut they f-ck it
i`ma trapper
f-cking satan
lucifer love me
beelzebub cut me
wirst is slit
devil sh-t
i wanna k!ll everyone
go down, im drown
i like blood
f-cking k!ller with bаd hаbbits
oh sh-t u аre bleed
love k!lls, love guns, love dark, love suicide
аlways suicide, oh my god
i’ll die
i’ll die (e)
i’ll die (e)
i’ll, i’ll die (e)