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(347) jtrizzy – lightwork freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: jtrizzy]
pretty little thing, i ain’t talking clothes, i might have to take her home
she’s telling me that i’m bad to the bone, if only her parents know
get turned to a pack i ain’t talking crow, you can get sent down low
no way can i leave my bro let’s go, back my shank, aim at throats
no way can you chat like this, energy lost when i back my nizz
shorty wanna f-ck with the kid, tell me she loves this life i live
get fished, ah sh-t (?) can’t lie, little man don’t slip
do a drill, go back to my crib
sweet little one come suck this d-ck
he dashed, i splashed his pumpkin, i’m carving on the mains i’m laughing
their gang don’t drill that’s jarring, i’m hunting can’t find these b-st-rds
them man come g-y like marvin, not learning that they’re skipping cl-sses
they just do a dash like sonic, start jumping, lose rings when clarted
i’m tryna gain cake regardless, not fasting, i eat, they’re starving
and when i get bread i’m halving, not heartless till i back my cutl-ss
get served this beef no butlers, just brothers, don’t push our b-ttons
young g better follow instructions, no simon when i say “go bun him”