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347aidan – homeless lottery freestyle lyrics


no, no (hahah)
oh sh+t

[verse 1]
i do drugs and alcohol to figure out who i am
coz when i’m sober i don’t even f+cking know who i am
that’s for it and i’m high, smoke weed, godd+mn
late that wasn’t the plan, but lets just do it again
d+mn, i’m higher than the eiffel, eating off some trifle
done to mifflin
getting paper like i’m mic and cycle for revive a lot of spirit of my mind, grab a rifle at my trial and then send me back in time, like sh+t
it’s happiness or crying cause it seems like the whole world mad every single time i shine
went from skipping all my classes, to becoming my own boss
hater turn their ashes into fire that i caused
i’ve been priced getting lost, burning gas like an exhaust
smoking couple money , doubling and sally with some shots
stay tuned to the plot, take a step inside my boss
i’ve been there too in my mind, where all the demons watch
like i guess some type of shot, cause my mantle over start
but my feelings they are not (oh my god, my feelings getting low as f+ck, like i don’t even give a f+ck anymore)

[verse 2]
got this value village hoodie in my shorts, from the d+pop
hold on for a second while you speaking, y’all make thought
yeah i know i caught lost
how the f+ck i pop off?
dancing in my room with my top bar
going to the beach with my crocs on
listening to soft rock
saying f+ck you while i walk off, down
and i’m on top of the world
i guess i’m feeling harder than the popular girls
who got cars from their parents and grand mama’s purse
and a duel in their pocket that they hit till they hurl
d+mn, i’m spinning ’round my mind like an oculus swirl
but i still wanna date that popular girl
for my old friends saying, “aidan, why you changed?”
sh+t, maybe coz i aged
d+mn, was i supposed to stay the same?
that’s actually kind of lame
i’m just counting down my days (d+mn, i’m just counting down my days)