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350heem – patience lyrics


no, no, no, no, no, no

[verse 1]
i know your b-tch just want me cause’ i’m stuntin’
i hit the block, fell in love with that money
she want to spend all her time with a youngin’, if she got that wet i’m a call her dasani
come take a look, you can see how we livin’
hate when it rain ’cause the whip got no ceiling
i can not save a hoe b-tch, i’m the villain
so tell me why you keep catchin’ them feelin’s
and i’m tired of stressin’ free all of my n-gg-
circle got smaller, my pockets got bigger
them n-gg-s diss on my name i don’t feel ’em
f-ck with 350 you know we gon’ hit ’em
i’m smokin’ dope with your b-tch and we chillin’
i took some lessons but right now we winnin’
i watch my people cook dope in the kitchen, so i made that work disappear no magician
remember them b-tches that thought i was basic
if he got pressure, its simple, he hatin’
i’m drinkin’ henny sh-t straight with no chaser
i never stray by the b-tch i replace her
the struggle gon’ eat you lil’ n-gg-s alive
been on my lonely i had to survive
boy you a p-ssy, i see in yo’ eyes
im reppin’ 351k ’till i die
she want a young, so come f-ck with the gang
i do not f-ck with them n-gg-s they lame
call me ea how i’m runnin’ the game
i’m in the club with some girl and champagne
used to be broke so i had to go get it
gave him a chance and that f-ck n-gg- sh-tted
i can not f-ck with him, heard they be snitchin’
i’m loyal forever, you won’t see me switching
i need a doctor i’m on medication
she call me lil’ weezy i got dedication
n-gg-s be hatin’ and b-tches be fakin’
i love them white faces i can not be racist
my grandma be sayin’ i gotta stay patient
f-ckin’ with me you gon’ end up a patient
i pour up all of these fours like i’m bacon
f-ck her so good that her legs’ll be shakin’
and i’m michael jackson, the way that i beat it
she say i’m c-cky, she think i’m conceited
why all these b-tches be thinkin’ i need em
when it come down to it hoe you a eater
no i’m not future i f-ck her, we lay up
she catchin’ feelings it’s nun to a playa
we used to struggle i had to go sell
my bro stay in cali it come through the mail
i got a whole lotta sh-t out the streets
i’m takin’ chances i bag up a tree
i took a chance and i caught me a p
remember them nights when i couldn’t even sleep

no, no, no, no, no, no