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3553 lyrics lyrics



with all this sh+t going down in ac (ac)
my goal is to be the top mc
in front of my opps im taking out first
on the grind trynna make the perfect verse

im always on the beug puffing the greens
what can we say spot boys, we all some feins
been working hard, to get to the top
ain’t gon be dragged down by a b+tch+made flop

we stacked, we walking out the door
when we on the track, you hear the uproar
me and manu dropping this flow
we in this sh+t you already know (aye, word)

my hands full, i play that card
the boys party hard, in the backyard
see all these hoes, they act so sweet
but dont be fooled, they belong to the street

couldn’t care less, about my beef
cuz im always puffin, on the leaf
say what you want, i just dont care
im reppin lions, thats all i wear
just living life
thats the way it is
sh+ts gonna get tough
but thats the biz

to all my boys
you are my brothers
i can always see the real ones
from the others

stay tuned
there will be more to come
and its gonna be coming in
loud as a drum

so have a cone
and sit back
and have a sesh
and kick back


been round since ’03
but i feel like im grown
enemies by my side
b+tches callin my phone
and i grinded real hard
yeh i worked for this sh+t
coming from the 53
c+nts hittin the pip

brisbane cbd
yeh its where its at
got the c+nts selling bud
also g on the caps

and the p+ssys talking sh+t
call em some cats
c+nts wanna come out
and they try to rap

i juss wanna make a fat stack
maybe drink a fat yak
ever say im fallin
i can say that thats cap

did this music sh+t
yeh i had a dream
i can’t stop c+nt
till im stuck in the green

not bud
but im talking bout hundreds
never forget ya day 1s cal em brothers
dont forget ya real ones
yeh they built you up
theyre the ones that got your back
when your feelings f+cked
when i get my money
yeh im outta this place
get my mum a new house
gotta change the pace

sit down take a break
and well set the vibe
sit down have a drink
and juss look at ya life