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3582 – yesterday (35 mix) lyrics


memories of yesterday…

as we see the sky watch the sunlight spray
doesn’t form a pattern just lines and rays
searching in my soul for these words to say
i’m looking at tomorrow to find yesterday
you and me together we can change the way
we live for the moment as we go through the day
searching in my soul for these words to say
i’m looking at tomorrow to find yesterday

in the times before when non-violence wasn’t war
and the games that you figured would follow were never sure
you might find people living in the spiritual form
you might even find yourself around the day you were born
and mine’s an 8th day so i postulated new guesses
hoped my energy could meet me where the sunset is
meditated on my life before i took action and made a decision
learned i’m chosen for a greater mission
you choose time for reference i choose the soul’s essence
to fuse with don’t change views with new hits
here comes the circle run and find your place it won’t skip
now you occupy every possible point don’t trip and lose your place
what could ever make you lose your faith is going to happen
you against yourself is true attraction in its purest existence
extreme in a sense makes you choose another path like an electrified fence
if you could only see the future to check if you made changes
stop reliving days inside your past that weren’t painless
brains need rest like baron lands that are rainless
under this cracked ground’s population is nameless
but all the faces are vast and endless
many will find struggle when turning from the temptress
when it’s said and done all your efforts may seem senseless
but time remains the master you remain apprentice

the hourgl-ss cracked so time could flow free
the sun reflected off a grain to give me more to see
today was long but tomorrow’s going to be just the same
they tell me pray for a better one but religion’s a game
my spiritual could never be compromised by gaining
clarity at the expense of unopened eyes has contemporarily
been accepted as a survival excuse watch yesterday’s
falsehoods become truth breaking laws like promises plus
escaping the premises flawless sentences complimenting the limitless
asking what’s the sense in this could we be avoiding the next
day that’s coming left wondering what kind of gift is this?
the bright lights from the dawn of understanding
yesterday’s waters ran fast through deep canyons but who was chasing?
a moment lost from no patience
recovery from thinking made me wonder where the days went
i figure now would be the time for peace
they’ll never silence my art or silence my speech i always rock
with an overtone of love shown like broken bone through the flesh
yesterday’s gone today’s next