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36 mafia – don’t make me kill lyrics


what you boys gon’ do [x6]
wha wha what you

i keep seeing images man it’s like i’m locked in a simulator
apocalypse slayer, i’m the street n-gg- terminator
is it in my nature to be another life taker?
then i ask ’em why home invader?
strapped with the auto and razor
these days madness, raising havoc
witness savage, blazing automatics
ending this a highway traffic
very graphic
i rob and kick a burglary kidnapping
they think it’s just ’bout rapping
but sometimes we get to capping
n-gg-s snapping
you motherf-cking b-tches make me bored
let’s go on
if you think the world is really f-cking yours
if we must fill the morgue
then we will fill the morgue
if we must kill these boys
then we will kill these boys
let’s destroy
all who cross the path
a hypnotize blood bath
try to reach and grab
you will feel the aftermath
i’m the trial, i’m the da, i’m the lawyer and the judge
if you wanna feel the slugs
then i let you feel the slugs

don’t make me kill, don’t make me kill somebody [x4]
what you boys gon’ do [x8]

aw sh-t n-gg- you done p-ssed me off
now n-gg- now it’s time for a killing
buck buck shots blasting
who i be scan f-cking man
from the killa klan
got my thugs from the south
heavily armed and caused out
better bring it
when you bring it
cause if you don’t that means you f-cked
cause those killers from the world