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36 mafia – e. m. p. h.i. s. lyrics


i got all real n-gg-z on on a m-th-f-ckin’ posse song
n-gg-z that’s down to cut some m-th-f-ckin’ heads
from hear to atl, to nashville, back to the m-town n-gg-
and you know what that mean b-tch
makin’ easy money, pimpin’ hoes is serious b-tch
makin’ easy money, pimpin’ hoes is serious n-gg-

call a n-gg-, drug dealer, out here on the track n-gg-
weed smoker, c-ke snorter, come and get a pack n-gg-
cane slanger, b-tch banger, dog i’ll bring it to ya
if you got a problem with me, holla at my luger
dro puffer, cheese come up, when we on the track jack
hit you in the head, with the gat, ’til your skull crack
blood gushin’, head rushin’, act first, no discussion
come with that bullsh-t, then the bullets start bustin’

first crime, we came with mystic stylez on grime
you slip, i live by my rep don’t f-ck with mine
da end, the souls of men embedded inside the posse
the prophet, the posse, we all collide
we brutal, the chapter 2 to end the phase, our mind
in crime, reminds, crazednlazdayz
heypno-tize, and blazed another gold plate
sixty 6, sixty 1, the smoke clears, evaporate

i got a 357, a tec with a black clip
a 180 pounds witha fist that will bust lips
some killaz on my side, if i tell ’em they gon’ get
a fiend wiolatin’ the business, i ain’t wit’
and now in 2000 you talkin’ the same sh-t
and now in 2000 i’ll bust and i won’t miss
the smoke is in the air the liquor is still a fifth
the grill is still gold, and the curls they know kick doors

first one of us is done, hollow tips come by the ton
two ak’s, and put some drama to leave this n-gg-z bodies numb
i don’t talk this sh-t for fun, c-ck it back and let it go
and 6 shots, from the 3-6 shooters lettin’ ’em know, whoa!
picture me, naked face, to kickin’ in your door
4, n-gg-z deep, bandanas with black calicos
so, when we creep, drop cause i’ma hit you nine times
take your nine lives, b-mp up and hypnotize your mind, blow

you can believe this, you can believe that
and believe i got a baseball bat, and i’m bustin’ your head
you believe i’m comin’ strong, you believe i’m all grown
you believe, that n-gg-, i love to get it on
you half steppin’
i got the weapon
boom! boom! i’m blastin’ at your mind to get you believe that
i love to kill, i love the thrill
and i love to put a n-gg- body parts in the field, n-gg-

no no, come, come and get this b-tch, ain’t got no time fo no
got all my boys, don’t make no noise,
just throw that trick in the ditch
it ain’t no way la chat gon’ let it slide, with the sh-t that
you done
i got my piece for what i do, to show you who the f-ck number
i shot that b-tch without causes, ain’t got no love in my heart
it ain’t no way that i can’t handle, keep that tone in my jaw
this ain’t no cr-p, i speak the truth, gotta come too thick to
get me
on one of you hoes, before you come, la chat ain’t gone easy

man a b-tch’ll take that lil bit out her p-ssy for them papers
get the f-ck away from me ho because the crew can’t stand them
take her, break her, to whip that funky b-tch
talkin’ that sh-t about this
man you’ll get 10 slugs up in your arm pits
yeah we can do i, t take your time and do it right
you can gimme the f-ckin’ chewin’, i can f-ck you all night
wanna fight about your friends see how them b-tches gon’ start
see now that’s that type of sh-t that get my muh’f-ckin’ d-ck