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36 mafia – long nite lyrics


i gotta plan in command on your -ss b-tch
this little short young n-gg-s in them caskets
you bein’ front black n-gg- rolled up layed up on your -ss hoe
better run by koopsta crunchy juice paul boo and scarecrow
there’s a whole lotta demons in my world today
which means you run into a n-gg- like koop a nutcase
here i can tell by tha day it’s gonna be a long night
when i take a swipe for you life my big black buldgin’ nine
now while i’m kickin’ n-gg-s fiendin’
just to kill ’em though
before i go i get them swishaz with them navajos
upon tha mighty mississippi
now can i f-ckin’ kick it
you better answer quick
before i hit you for them riches

cuz them n-gg-z want to really try to jump up
but they know they gonna catch a couple
of my sub-machine gun fire to they jaws
i kick sh-t flyin’ through tha air
you wanna dare to test me?
i’m tha infamous nightmare i wanna break some laws
i practice secret forms of voodoo culture
dead flesh culture
>from my pet vultures
sleepin’ in tha death defying beyond human measurements
into my private temple in tha middle of mount everest
smokin pine as i sky dive off a mountain
in my mind blood squirtin’ high out of fountains
countin corpses in my black fortress
in tha hallway paintin’ satanic portraits