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36 mafia – mafia lyrics


yeah m-th-f-ckaz! the platinum plaque bringers of the
mothaf-ckin’ “m”
back in this b-tch, n-gg-. h-c m-th-f-ckin’ p.
hypnotyze camp m-th-f-ckin posse.
and it’s goin’ down, like we always do about this time, n-gg-,
night time.
we about to load them black trucks up. who we got in this
we got my girl la chat, gangsta boo, crunchy m-th-f-ckin’ black
playboy juice, project m-th-f-ckin’ pat, lord imfamous, and me
dj m-th-f-ckin’ paul, the king of the m-th-f-ckin’ “m” town.
and it’s goin’ down- hypnotyze minds ho!

mafia!… mafia!… mafia!… mafia!…
mafia!… mafia!… mafia!… mafia!

la chat, with that gat
the other queen of memphis
hypnotize camp we got 2 b-mpin’ b-tches…

… in the club posted up
eight hundred dollar bottles
sippin’ cris f-ck a gl-ss
n-gg- drink it out the bottle…

… don’t be hatin’ and sh-t
’cause we gettin’ paid and sh-t
ain’t no need be lyin’ till i die
i’m gon’ be lovin’ this…

… the bottle-yeah gangsta gangsta
ridin’ n-gg- posted up
f-ck you b-tches up when i come gunnin’
lettin’ the lugers bust
chat, you got my f-ckin’ back?

yeah i got your f-ckin’ back
buckin’ b-tches that be hatin’
blow their chest up through their back

high as h-ll can’t you tell
’cause my eyes are red as fire
’bout to f-ck this n-gg-
take his money- pimpin’ ’till i die
hypnotyze minds be the label that pay me