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36 mafia – mean mug lyrics


mean mug n-gg-s lookin ana hid from a smile but
inside blood
cookin got a problem wit my style wit tha click wit tha klan
lames i don’t
understand if you feel dat ya real f-ck a song grab ya steal

theese snitching n-gg-s claim we dealin
told the folks we pimpin women
but a n-gg- ain’t gone live it
locked up in a fed building
all in my f-ckin face
all up on my f-ckin case
i’m about to take some names
bodies gone get buck and hang
haters we ain’t barin you
’cause ya’ll done broke tha panic fuse
n-gg- we ain’t benn cool
never have i f-cked wit you
neither do you f-ck wit me
on yo d’s or smoke yo tree’s
playa i’m make you bleed
for them z’s or them keys

now all these n-gg-‘s downing me on some b-tch’s mane i got
model’s (hoe)
i blow all of yo insides up out you and make you hollow (hoe)
you smiling in my face but i’m knowin yo grin ain’t good (hoe)
i steady hear you claimin but you ain’t from my hood (hoe)
da real bhc n-gg-s keepin mouth shut (b-tch)
a spreading no rumors, or droping salt off on a thug (b-tch)
i’m knowin you broke but no exscuses to be acting like a kid
you never shot a gun so how you figga you ready for war dig

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yo yo why you b-tches got yo mug on me, is it because i’m bein
tryina protect yo image n-gg- bust if u ain’t diggin me, b-tch
i don’t even like you man comin from lady gangsta man
cut yo cd out step right into my location man
memphis tennessee, bhc all up in my blood shake yo load off
why you yellin quote-un-quote a thug n-gg- anyway i don’t dig on
n-gg-z in
wit ya fake smile dirty nose lady know
the time why you in my grill playa get the f-ck away from me ho
all my n-gg-s be on blow ready ta snap you b-tches throat
y’all be lettin these tapes, fool you like i am a joke watch me
put you in a
neva let you n-gg-s go, trick -ss beotch,
listen close do you feel is you, do you feel is you
that i’m talking to what you gon do come and wreck my sh-t i got
n-gg-s wreckin
i got georgia boys ready come up on the f-ckin lick.

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hold up, hold up, so you call ya self a gangsta m-th-f-cka, you
la chat i’m out here on the town and i do some real gangsta sh-t
you talk a lota sh-t killa can you back it up though
yo boys can’t help you when i buck the hollow parts at you ho
now have you eva killed a n-gg-, have you blew out his brains
or have you cut the body up and fetch a dog the remains
see scandalous this how i’m labeled, cuz i ain’t takin sh-t
i be dat b-tch so quick to click remove yo face from yo wig
now if you wanna f-ck wit me i’ll take you b-tches to war
just need yo place and address n-gg- i? l be there at your door
and ain’t no need yo mamy beggin way to late fo the kids
i told you b-tch, i told you b-tch, and you know you shouldn’t
have did what
you did
so what’s up killa sh-t what’s up what’s up
i thought you was tough, not though enough
to jump on up now, i got that pump at yo guts
so if you got yo mug on me, i’m takin that as a threat
la chat gon write down all you hoes and put dat tech to yo neck,

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