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36 mafia – money flow lyrics


money didn’t change me
the money i made didn’t change me, n-gg- it changed you
i stayed the same through my wealth, but take a look at you
back in the days i went to school wit ya, too cool wit ya
but seems like now i can’t fool wit ya

back in the days i went to school wit ya (ya hear me)
like blood brothers i was cool wit ya (ya feel me)
i remember times i carried tools wit ya (i clapped)
but now days i can’t fool wit ya (i swear)
you said i started to act funny (i can’t see it)
since i made me some money (you believe it)
it wasn’t no problem when i gave it to you (i know)
but since i quit i’m in the wrong to you (that’s low)
it ain’t my fault that i kept chasin my dreams
you claimed you couldnt see the woods, because of too many trees
(you dummy)
and dispite impossibilities (you know)
i turned to all impossibilities (for sho’)
but that ain’t keepin it real in yo mind (i see)
i gotta feed yo family and mine (n-gg- please)
i hate so bad that can’t keep pleasin (keep samplin)
i guess everything happens for a reason (sh-t happens)


i can’t call you everyday, i got studio and shows
you always want some money but ain’t never wrote no flows
you think i gotta put you in all our videos
and every time i buy something you want some c notes
you think you outta quit your job and come and work for me
so you can sit on your -ss and get paid for free
so if you sit down and give this sh-t a little thought
you the one that’s actin funny so i cut your water off

some people hate that project pat and juicy j on the spot
we pay cash for our cars that we push off the lot
back in