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36 savage – no talent lyrics


you were too weak to fight 22
couldn’t do it without your pathetic crew
36, the only savage that you need
bars hit harder, then apollo creed
calling out all of these losers below
i am never afraid to use a low blow

21 savage is the biggest punk
he smells worse than a spotted skunk
says he grew up in the street without no less than 3
21 is nowhere as sk!lled as me
idiot thinks that he is a savage
he smells worse than some rotting cabbage

producing this track on my dell desktop
thinking “what happened to quality hip hop”?
if you think 21 savage has any talent
your mind is definitely absent

young savage why you dodging so hard?
should be on the chris brown fight card
wait maybe you are not able to fight
that does in fact sound quite right
studio gangster is what you seem to be
if 21 savage saw me he would flee

being greater than you is a mathematical fact
that is not a knife do you have a cataract

21 i have just exposed you
you smell worse than a toilet too
don’t want 36 to come for you
otherwise 21 you are through