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36 savage – running lyrics


the other 36 is talking smack
bars more awkward then kodak black
fam you’re worse than lil bee
bars behind the times like a nintendo wii
don’t worry bruv i got plenty more
i’m roasting you like your a smore
we all know that your lyrics are poor
i’m k!lling microbes like louie pasteur
lyrically that is
i’m not all for that gangster showbiz
anyway that is great for you
cos your shooting’s off like raducioiu
yes that’s right i’m going in
you can already hand me the win
my flow is sick, are you’re taking the mick
r i p to the homie vic
as in van lier
i can destroy you all year
and fam i won’t shed a tear
i got no fear
and you know what fam
i’m not even in first gear

you know that i’m better lyrically
so why bother to challenge me
good luck coming back from this
i’m sorry that i had to diss
you should probably stop and reminisce
to before your career was destroyed
i win every fight like my name’s floyd
when a beast is needed i’m deployed
this must have left you paranoid
last warning do not steal my name
otherwise you’ll get hit with more bars
which are hotter than a flame